What’s Included in Interior Painting?

Interior painting can transform the colors and the appearance of your home. The interior painting of your home’s rooms is more than just choosing your preferred color and applying it to the walls. It takes time to choose the right color for the right room, as well as a bit of preparatory work to have […]

Winter Weather, Warm Colors

Wintertime brings with it colder days, less sunlight, gray clouds, and a general sense of needing to hibernate. And while the great animals of the Rocky Mountains will do just that, it’s not always an option for us humans. One way to combat the “winter blues” … interior decorating and warm colored paint!   Colors for […]

Interior Paint Logic

There is no question that painting any room in your home is guaranteed to change the space. With thousands of paint colors and textures available on the market, the possibilities of transformation are endless. Changing the color of a room in your home is a sure way to elevate and transform your surroundings. One question […]

Drywall Textures for Your Home

Did you know there are different types of textures of drywall? There are so many details that go into building and designing a home. While it may not be at the forefront of your mind, the texture of your walls is one detail that many overlook and/or don’t pay much attention to. However, the texture/level […]

The Fun of Fall Colors

Fall is almost here! Consider these fun autumn-inspired colors for your next interior project. As a season, fall is notorious for its colors. When we think of autumn we think of deep, warm hues that are reminiscent of pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and changing leaves. Typical of a fall palette (like the one below from […]

Exterior Color Trends Fall/Winter 2021

Make your home stand out in all the right ways with one of these trending Fall/Winter 2021 colors Over the last few decades the Colorado homebuilding industry has been overtaken by tract home builders. While these homes are beautifully designed by professionals they are sometimes referred to as “cookie-cutter” due to their repetitive exteriors. In […]

Summer Stain Maintenance:

Maintaining your deck between stain applications means a better looking product for a longer time. Staining a deck is no small feat which is why so many people opt to hire a professional! In between your stain applications make sure you are performing regular maintenance to ensure the longevity of your stain. Check out this […]

Prepping For Paint:

You’ve hired a company to help with your home project, how do you prepare for their arrival? Before our arrival to your home we ask that homeowners help the process by performing some preparation. This includes a request to remove items from the walls, moving furniture to the middle of the room and ensuring the […]

Curb Appeal In A Seller’s Market:

In a seller’s market, like the one Colorado is experiencing right now, investing in your curb appeal may mean more money in your pocket. Having an attractive, well maintained exterior has been proven to increase a homes value. A 2019 HomeLight survey found that the return on investment for performing exterior improvements was approximately 51%. Does your […]

Choosing Your Homes Exterior Paint Color:

How do you choose an exterior paint color? This blog provides tips and help on how to repaint your home. According to Sherwin-Williams one of the easiest ways to increase your curb appeal is by painting your exterior. Many homeowners want and need to upgrade their exterior home color however struggle with knowing how and […]

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