Messer Painting Stained Concrete

Consider staining your basement floor instead of installing carpet or tile.

Colors and designs can be applied to polished concrete floors for dramatic effect. This is a great treatment for basements, retail establishments, garages, residential spaces, patios or office suites.

Explore the possibilities of concrete decoration

Let your inner artist run free and design a concrete floor to look like anything you want. We can make it look like marble, granite or any other natural rock. Get the look of a marble floor for a fraction of the price.

Dyes and colors

It’s very easy to add color to a polished concrete floor. This can be an exciting treatment for plain, drab concrete slabs, Color can be added to old or new floors, both inside and out.Special acid dyes are used to add color to the floor and any colors can be used, although shades of brown and gray are very popular when trying to mimic the look of marble.

Custom designs

It is possible to create custom designs in concrete floors using cutting tools or stencils. Grooves can be cut in the floor to create geometric or curved shapes and dyes are then applied to the different sections. You can create checker boards and other patterns.Ask the professionals at Messer Painting, LLC about decorative concrete floors.

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