Dustless Blasting is an innovative way to remove unwanted surface grime and contaminants without creating unnecessary amounts of dust or damage. The machine used can alternate between dry or wet abrasions and is often used in lieu of traditional methods such as power washing or sanding. There are many beneficial attributes of this system, at the top is its ability to be high powered enough to remove surface coatings while being gentle enough to leave underlying surfaces undamaged.

Here are some of the projects that Messer Painting uses Dustless Blasting for:

Graffiti Removal

Dustless Blasting is an urban dream as far as tools are concerned. Because it doesn’t create a huge plume of dust it is friendly for high-traffic or densely populated areas. This method of blasting is powerful enough to completely strip and remove graffiti yet leaves the below surface unharmed. This machine can remove graffiti from concrete, masonry, block walls, and wood – meaning its versatile to use on different buildings and substrates. This is a great option for apartment buildings in the city, concrete highway barriers, and businesses that may be subject to “tagging”.

Automotive Restoration:

Let Messer Painting help you with your car restoration! We make the process a little easier by coming to you. And while sandblasting can damage metal due to friction and heat, Dustless Blasting is able to keep surfaces around 10 degrees cooler than the ambient air. This means we can efficiently and gradually blast away body filler, rust, and paint from your automobile. This EPA approved method goes as far as cleaning your cars surface by leaving it free of soluble salts, contaminates and grime that could cause flash rust.

Surface Cleaner

Power washing has long been the “go-to” for cleaning and refurbishing surfaces like concrete, masonry, and brick. However, Dustless Blasting is a far more efficient and effective way to do the same. In fact, because of its design this machine makes for the perfect tool when it comes to restoring surfaces. The Dustless Blaster has an adjustable pressure and abrasive flow meaning the operator is in complete control over just how much strength is used. The mixture used ensures that nearby plant life won’t be harmed all while meeting EPA and OSHA approval. Let Messer Painting clean accumulated grime from your home or business today!